A brief overview of my work on Final Frontier Design's EVA Suit Prototype and a Communication Cap for a film being shot at Steiner Studios.
My task for these two projects were primarily fabric cutting and sewing. For the EVA suit there was a strong emphasis on durability and structure, as such flat felled seams were used throughout. I worked closely with the spacesuit engineer (who has over 20 years of spacesuit design and engineering under his belt) to learn the proper technique for putting a garment like this together. I also worked closely with the pattern maker who showed me how to sew together the outer garment (the visible, canvas exterior) as well as the lining of the "backpack" (containing the equipment used to pressurize the pressure garment within). 
Steiner Studios commissioned Final Frontier Design to manufacture communication caps for an upcoming film being shot at the studio. My task in this project was to source the lamb-skin leather and sew together the soft elements (all the leather, netting, buckles, straps, velcro, etc.). These caps were modeled after the Sokol-K Russian Communication Caps. 

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