To the go-getters and overachievers, we understand the pressure of looking your finest around the clock and always putting your best professional foot forward. We also understand how easy it can be to get pulled down the dreary drain of constantly wearing meh business attire. At Fools Paradice, we believe you don’t have to choose between looking like a million bucks and expressing your inner artist. We create patterns, textures, and prints that provide both tricks and treats for the eyes and leave them hungry for more. See what you believe, but do you dare take a gamble and believe what you see?
James is a 24-year old man who has recently graduated university and is ready to begin the journey down his career path. James is an old soul and  firm believer in stellar presentation. He dreams of the “good old days” of the 50s (when it was the norm to dress up to go to the grocery store) and enjoys listening to and playing jazz. James is career-driven and desires to show a high level of professionalism, yet never at the cost of expressing himself through his clothing. He seeks a  balance between business casual, playful colors, and prints on high-quality garments. For James, the child at heart is just as important to cultivate as the successful entrepreneur.
Pringle of Scotland is a knitwear company founded in 1815 in Scotland by Robert Pringle. Pringle is notorious for their use of cashmere, argyle, and the twinset. They have dressed a wide range of celebrities and have received the Royal Warrant in 1956 awarded by Her Majesty the Queen. Pringle has mastered the art of putting a youthful, fresh spin on classic sweater prints like stripes and argyle. It’s the perfect mix of aristocratic sophistication and bright, blooming youth.
Billy Reid grew up in Amite, Louisiana where his mother owned a women’s boutique in the hospitable environs of his grandmother’s former home. Reid launched his men’s collection, William Reid, in March of 1998 in Dallas, Houston and Florence. Reid is most notorious for his ribbon stripe and most of the patterns he uses are subdued but have character (note the shirt with the small bird print). Billy Reid has won numerous awards as a menswear designer and has mastered dressing the modern gentleman. 
In 1846, a group of artisans from Madrid opened a fur studio in the city center and in 1872, the German, Enrique Loewe Roessberg became their principal business partner. The fashion house was not only known for its elegance and refinement, but also for its use of quality leathers like lambskin, crocodile, iguana and snakeskin. In 1905, Loewe was named the Official Supplier to the Royal House. Loewe has a fun mix of traditional patterns (like stripes and tartan plaid) with quirky ones (like lollipops or comic book art). Loewe always retains a warm, sophistication while constantly pushing the boundaries of silhouettes and design. 
The farther into the future fashion is trekking, the deeper into the past menswear has been looking to for guidance and inspiration. Growing wary of the blinding speed of fast-fashion, men are looking to colors and patterns that have withstood the test of time. Ones that reminisce on sunny days long gone in warm colors that emanate weathered paper or dusted wood. There is a sense of security found in the wearing of a classic stripe, hounds tooth, and bandanna print. As these traditional patterns are being revived on the runway, designers are finding ways to add a fresh spin on them to bring them into the future. 
Pantone Colors (top to bottom): Black Diamond 19-4008 TCX, Navy 19-4028 TCX, Cigar Smoke 12-2102 TPG, Bone 11-4601 TPX, Dusted Rose 11-0507 TPG
In developing these prints, it was crucial to maintain a clear nod to gambling, bicycle card motifs and traditional menswear patterns (such as hounds tooth and plaid). Clovers, spades, stripes, skulls, and crowns all emanate the feel of a late night game of poker fueled by whiskey and cigars in a dimly lit casino. They resonate an air of mystery and risk that come with the game with a touch of scandal beneath the gentlemanly facade. 

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