Our inspiration for the S/S 2023 season is the concept of bringing two or more things together to make something greater than the sum of its parts. The global landscape is undergoing major political, social, environmental, and economical shifts, leading many into spirals of fear and uncertainty. As we navigate these uncharted waters, we want to keep in mind that we can accomplish more when we work together. There is strength in unity, friendship, and collaboration. The creative possibilities are boundless when two or more minds come together, be it in consolation, solidarity, brainstorming, or to simply enjoying each other’s company. There is beauty to be discovered in the joining of separate ideas that will create something previously unimagined
As such, we developed our textiles with the intention of being endlessly layered, morphing and creating new prints previously impossible. There is a broad selection sheers, meshes, and solid fabrics for a diverse mixing experience.  Nothing is off limits so mix and match to your hearts content - after all, two prints are better than one.
Pulling from the Men's S/S 2023 runway, there was a through-line of geometric prints, pixelated crochet, and the good old fashioned stripe re-imagined in subtle earth tones with pops of vibrant hues. There was also a prevalent presence of hand-made elements such as quilting, granny-squares, and patchwork, evoking a strong vintage sensibility.
In exploring this idea of coming together and building something greater than the sum of its parts, I landed on the concept of a deck of cards. Card games generally include taking individual cards, each with a value of its own, and combining them into a deck or hand that has an even greater value. In the spirit of card games and imbuing my prints with a playful spirit, I designed them to interact with each other to create something new. The prints can both stand on their own, or be combined with their counterparts to form a totally new design. This way, the prints act as a type of playing card, in which whatever combination you made has a different value or "power set."
To continue pulling inspiration from card games, I created motifs from the classic suits used in bicycle cards. I took each suit and abstracted it a touch to keep if from feeling too literal. I also created a pixelated version of each to make it easier for my woven and knit designs.
Round 01
Solid Patterns
Round 02
Solid Patterns
Sheer Patterns for Overlay
Combined Sheer and Solid Patterns

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