Creation was once a power designated solely for God. Yet, as a power of equal caliber has arisen, this privilege has been snatched from His grasp and delivered into the hands of humanity. Upon the inexorable birth of super intelligent A.I., humans will have taken God’s clay and begun sculpting creatures in their own image, or at least a shadow of it. To me, one of the primary champions for the effort to increase human potential is Prometheus. Prometheus was a Titan from Greek mythology who brought fire from the heavens to humans and helped them drive forward the engine of industry. He was punished for his treason by being bound to a rock where each day an eagle was sent to feed on his liver. ​​​​​​​
This collection reflects the relationship between Creator and Creation as well as the idea of humanity attempting to build its own angelic creatures but falling short due to their lack of divinity. This comes across through the mixture of dramatic draping (akin to what Greek gods were depicted wearing) with your average, jersey fabric t-shirts. The eagle graphic is a nod to the myth of Prometheus as is the Greek, statuesque draping.

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