At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, I found myself (like many others) back in my parents house trying to grapple with the chaos of the outside world. Locked inside the comfort of my childhood home, I felt a conflicting sense of nostalgia and childish blissfulness mixed with an existential dread about the virus and the tumultuous job market I was about to enter. To comfort myself, I sketched and journaled my feelings, much like I did back in middle school, often resorting to bubbly, curly letters as I did back then. I reconnected with old friends and distanced myself from others. Neck-breaking change was a daily reality. 
Fluid forms reflect the ambiguous passing of time, the turbulence of the world, and the shapeless future we all looked forward to.
The collection has pieces that are recognizable and "agreeable" mixed with abstract and often not utilitarian garments, evoking the constant shift in a seemingly normal, daily life with spikes of topsy turvy.

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