Tranquility Base is a 3D collection inspired by the Tranquility Base site where humans first landed on the Moon in 1969. As humanity perseveres through the COVID-19 Pandemic, it is experiencing a similar sense of isolation as it faces this foreign but history-defining culture shift. In such times, we wonder at our place in the universe, our relationship to one another, and what it means to cherish life as it stands today. 
Tranquility Base embraces absurd and warped times, illustrating how our world can be colorful and beautiful despite the seeming lack of structure. Throughout these times, people enter and exit your life while you seem to stay in one place. These interactions cut through the monotony and imbue your life with some color and inspiration as you recognize how rare it is for your soul to have crossed paths with any other one across billions of years of time and space.
The silhouettes melt and morph together, reflecting how lives shift and fuse together. They also represent the ebb and flow of time, how our experience of its passage varies based on life experiences.
(Renders in progress. Stay tuned!)

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